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Hand-dyed Clothing & Accessories

Hang on! The Mountains are Laughing

Nellie Davis

Hang on! The Mountains are Laughing

"Yama ga warau," Naomi says as he gestures to the mountains surrounding us. Say what? The mountains are laughing? For each season there is a way to describe the mountains as if they were a living, breathing, soul bearing woman. And in the spring, she laughs, exposing all of her new leaves and soft colors that have been dormant while she slept all winter. I love it when I am reminded of how poetic the Japanese language is. It always makes me think about the world around me differently than I ever did before. Yes, indeed, she is a laughin' and I am wasting no time joining in.

Makino Shokubutsuen, Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku; Goldenweek Travels 2012