How your pleated scarf is made: 

We work with variations of traditional Japanese Shibori dye techniques. Specifically Arashi Shibori or Pole-Wrapping. The resulting fabric has a pleated texture as well as an intricate design. 

Over time and with wear this texture will gradually loosen, showing more of its patterning. 

How to care for your pleated shibori scarf:

How long the pleating will last is an individual matter. With care, the pleating can last for years.

  • Keep the fabric dry.
  • Store in a dry environment hanging on a padded hanger or loosely twisted with nothing resting on top.
  • When traveling, slip it into a ziplock bag with some air to protect it from getting crushed.

We encourage you to appreciate the special beauty of the work as it changes and shows more of its patterning. 

When it must be cleaned and/or the pleats have relaxed, simply send it back to us for custom cleaning and re-pleating. We only ask for a small fee and shipping. Less than a dry cleaner! 

Re-pleating typically takes 2-4 weeks.